Motorcycle accidents can be particularly devastating to the motorcyclist because of the lack of protection a motorcycle rider has in comparison to those occupying a vehicle. With little to protect them in the event of a motorcycle crash, the motorcycle rider tends to sustain significant, serious injuries. With these injuries comes medical treatment, medical bills, lost earnings, and (often as important to the motorcycle rider) the loss of the owner's bike and their freedom to ride. Motorcycle riders who have suffered an accident or injury due to the negligence of another driver may be able to recover financial compensation for medical expenses, past, present and future lost wages, their property and damages for pain and suffering. Blythe, Walker & Associates is dedicated to pursuing justice for you. Our law firm has recovered many 6- and 7-figure settlements/verdicts for motorcycle accident victims.

Blythe, Walker & Associates has been involved in handling motorcycle accidents from its inception. In all, we have handled hundreds of these cases. Mr. Blythe is an avid motorcyclist and as such, has taken a particular interest in these cases. Having himself been involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 1986, he has endeavored to categorize: the type of injuries anticipated from a collision; the anticipated residual effect of these injuries; the medical and ancillary costs following the accident; and the obstacles one faces both when dealing with an insurance carrier and when proving a motorcycle case in trial.